Oct 24, 2010
When I turn on my computer, after the bios start screen pops up, I am greeted by these Windows errors:

This is what happens when I just let the computer try to boot on its own:



This is what happens when I insert my Windows disc in my computer, go into bios and set the boot drive as my OD:


Now, I believe I know exactly why I am suddenly greeted by these errors as soon as I boot. My computer has an SSD and a mechanical hard drive. The hard drive is about several years old, way older than the rest of my computer parts, which are not even a year old yet.

One day, the hard drive was just acting up like crazy by displaying pop-ups on my Windows desktop telling me the drive is connected. Since this happened, I wiped the drive clean and I never used it again until last night. That night, I figured hey, maybe I was just hallucinating about my hard drive and it was just a one time malfunction. I decided to download and install a couple of games on it, and then I went to bed.

The next morning, I wanted to upload pictures from my phone, so before I turned the computer on, I connected my phone via USB to the computer first. This is when I was greeted by those Windows boot failures. I highly doubt my phone is what caused the problem, because up until the point when I decided to use my hard drive again, my computer was working perfectly fine.


Jun 9, 2012
take the hard drive out and boot from just the ssd if you can get into windows then your hard drive has gone kaput if not check if there is anything connected such as a usb drive or something similar also check that all your sata cables are in correctly and that everything is getting power.