Question My computer won’t run both of my new quad channel RAM I bought. BIOS doesn’t have an option for memory. How do I fix this?

Oct 7, 2020
I have a Lenovo ideacentre 310s for my work computer. I just bought some new ram as it was running really slow with all of my programs open. I had a single channel 4gb in one slot. I bought 2 8gb quad channels to install. I removed the old RAM and put in both of the new ones. The computer powered on, but no display on the monitors and just sounded like it was running. So I took one out and it booted up fine. I then added back in the old single channel 4gb so I’m now running one quad channel 8gb and the old 4gb. I keep seeing posts about adjusting settings in BIOS, but there’s no memory option in mine. I was able to get to a Lenovo diagnostic screen separate from that, but still couldn’t make any adjustments. I downloaded cpuz and it says that my quad channel is running at single right now. How do I get it working so I can use both of my quad channels and have my full 16gb of RAM? Please help if you can! Thank you so much.