My computer wont go to sleep


Mar 14, 2010
A few days ago my computer just started acting strange, by it will not go to sleep. When i try to put it to sleep my monitors go out to standby but the computer does not. This is what is happening, i push the sleep button and a few seconds the monitors go out the computer will blink (try to sleep, all LED's go out) but then come right back on. My monitors stay in standby though.

Here is what i have done:
disabled everything from waking the computer up in device manager
double checked it with cmd prompt code: powercfg -devicequery wake_armed (nothing is labeled)
checked my activity history and saw a error why it my computer wasnt going to sleep (error: unknown) thats a big help
went into BIOS and made sure it was set up there
Checked my system power options
logged out (IE closed all programs) then tried to put computer to sleep
when into systemconfig and only had computer load system services only

I have done a few other things i just cant remember right now, but basically everything that was posted on these forums or on the net i have tried and it still wont go to sleep. It looks like there is some background program running that i cannot find


Feb 11, 2010
I have the exact problem, monitors go out when i press sleep, computer takes a few seconds as usual, then you hear it sleep (quiet click noise), then the graphics cards fan go to 100% as if i were booting my pc, and i don't get a monitor signal, forcing a reboot. Mine doesn't go off at all, maybe a split second but you cant tell any of the LEDs going off.