Jun 7, 2021
So, my router had problems running very slow on ethernet. I often got less than one Mbps, we pay for 1000 up/down package. We ended up paying for a new router and my new router doesn't work with my computer, but it is working with game consoles. laptops, and basically everything else. After I noticed it only wasn't working on my computer I went and replugged in the old router and my computer picked it up right away. Is there any reason for this?
Jun 7, 2021
I turned it off and set my IP settings to automatic, it still has the ethernet as "not connected". is there any way I can send you a screenshot of the settings I changed to confirm I did it right.


Make and model old router?

Make and model new router?

Are both routers connected into the network? If so, how so?

Were you able to try another known working (at speed) ethernet cable between router and your computer?

Also: the router's logs (if available and enabled) may provide some clue. Who has full admin rights to the router(s)?

You will need help from that person.
Jun 7, 2021
Both of the routers are the same model,
ManufacturerPace Plc
only one router is on, the older one is in the box that the new one came in.
we tried to limit it to a slower speed to connect but it didn't work
I dm'd you the logs
Jun 7, 2021
Event Log Lists
TypeDate/TimeEvent Description
INF2021-06-09T15:59:48-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T15:59:18-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T15:53:46-05:00sysNode is down
INF2021-06-09T15:47:42-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T15:47:28-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T15:43:51-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T15:42:06-05:00sysNode is down
INF2021-06-09T15:41:45-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T15:36:11-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T15:33:49-05:00Previous log entry repeated 1 times
INF2021-06-09T15:33:38-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T15:32:31-05:00Previous log entry repeated 1 times
INF2021-06-09T15:32:20-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T15:31:47-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T15:30:48-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T15:29:48-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T15:29:11-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T15:27:36-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T15:26:48-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T15:25:48-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T15:24:55-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T15:23:48-05:00Previous log entry repeated 1 times
INF2021-06-09T15:23:44-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T15:23:00-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T15:21:45-05:00sysNode is down
INF2021-06-09T15:19:45-05:00sysNode is down
INF2021-06-09T15:19:38-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T15:16:30-05:00Previous log entry repeated 3 times
INF2021-06-09T15:15:47-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T15:14:47-05:00Previous log entry repeated 1 times
INF2021-06-09T15:14:35-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T15:11:38-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T15:11:02-05:00Previous log entry repeated 1 times
INF2021-06-09T15:10:40-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T15:09:34-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T15:08:18-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T15:04:45-05:00sysNode is down
INF2021-06-09T15:02:54-05:00Previous log entry repeated 1 times
INF2021-06-09T15:02:47-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T15:02:16-05:00Previous log entry repeated 2 times
INF2021-06-09T15:01:47-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T15:01:05-05:00Previous log entry repeated 1 times
INF2021-06-09T15:00:47-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T14:59:48-05:00Previous log entry repeated 1 times
INF2021-06-09T14:59:42-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T14:58:48-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T14:57:49-05:00Previous log entry repeated 6 times
INF2021-06-09T14:56:24-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T14:56:04-05:00sysNode is down
INF2021-06-09T14:55:48-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T14:55:45-05:00sysNode is down
INF2021-06-09T14:55:37-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T14:55:04-05:00sysNode is down
INF2021-06-09T14:54:49-05:00Previous log entry repeated 1 times
INF2021-06-09T14:54:28-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T14:54:24-05:00sysNode is down
INF2021-06-09T14:54:10-05:00Previous log entry repeated 1 times
INF2021-06-09T14:53:47-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T14:52:59-05:00Previous log entry repeated 1 times
INF2021-06-09T14:52:47-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T14:52:10-05:00Previous log entry repeated 1 times
INF2021-06-09T14:51:48-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T14:51:15-05:00Previous log entry repeated 3 times
INF2021-06-09T14:50:48-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T14:49:50-05:00Previous log entry repeated 1 times
INF2021-06-09T14:49:39-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T14:48:48-05:00Previous log entry repeated 1 times
INF2021-06-09T14:48:30-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T14:47:48-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T14:46:50-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T14:46:50-05:00Previous log entry repeated 1 times
INF2021-06-09T14:46:20-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T14:45:47-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T14:44:47-05:00Previous log entry repeated 1 times
INF2021-06-09T14:44:21-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T14:42:38-05:00sysNode is up
INF2021-06-09T14:40:55-05:00Previous log entry repeated 1 times
INF2021-06-07T20:57:32-05:00hurlhost=wpad uri=/wpad.dat unavailable, WAN down
INF2021-06-07T20:57:29-05:00Previous log entry repeated 3 times
INF2021-06-07T20:57:18-05:00Previous log entry repeated 1 times
INF2021-06-07T20:57:10-05:00hurlhost=bl-server.alphonso.tv uri=/v1/bl/config unavailable, WAN down
INF2021-06-07T20:56:52-05:00hurlerr=4 name=NO_DHCP_SERVICE clear
INF2021-06-07T20:56:50-05:00hurlhost=wpad uri=/wpad.dat unavailable, WAN down
INF2021-06-07T20:56:50-05:00hurlerr=4 name=NO_DHCP_SERVICE redirect
INF2021-06-07T20:56:49-05:00hurlerr=15 name=EAPOL_FAILED clear
INF2021-06-07T20:56:49-05:00hurlerr=4 name=NO_DHCP_SERVICE detect
INF2021-06-07T20:56:40-05:00hurlerr=15 name=EAPOL_FAILED redirect
INF2021-06-07T20:56:40-05:00hurlhost=bl-server.alphonso.tv uri=/v1/bl/config unavailable, WAN down
INF2021-06-07T20:56:40-05:00hurlerr=15 name=EAPOL_FAILED redirect
INF2021-06-07T20:56:39-05:00hurlhost=wpad uri=/wpad.dat unavailable, WAN down
INF2021-06-07T20:56:24-05:00hurlerr=15 name=EAPOL_FAILED detect
INF2021-06-06T09:56:26-05:00acsCWMD fault: 9005 get params
INF2021-06-01T20:26:19-05:00acsCWMD fault: 9002 GetParameterValues: internal error: 22
INF2021-06-01T19:26:55-05:00hurlerr=4 name=NO_DHCP_SERVICE clear
INF2021-06-01T19:26:51-05:00hurlerr=15 name=EAPOL_FAILED clear
INF2021-06-01T19:26:51-05:00hurlerr=4 name=NO_DHCP_SERVICE detect
INF2021-06-01T17:32:41-05:00hurlerr=4 name=NO_DHCP_SERVICE clear
INF2021-06-01T17:32:36-05:00hurlerr=4 name=NO_DHCP_SERVICE detect
INF2021-06-01T17:32:36-05:00hurlerr=15 name=EAPOL_FAILED clear
INF2021-06-01T17:32:00-05:00hurlerr=15 name=EAPOL_FAILED detect