my computer's parts keep failing for an unknown reason



**This is actually on my mother's gaming machine as she bought one and has had constant issues with it-
These issues happened as soon as the 30 day warrenty was up so that is not an option-

This system was bought from CybertronPC and so far has blown
an AMD 7750 and a Corsair H60 (CWCH60).
the H60 actually sparked and popped loudly, we noticed this was was having issue prior as the pc began to shutdown randomly-
The 7750...just came with 2 but removed both.
So we put in an almost unused 5750 and that also died shortly after...

We replaced the cooler with a 212 EVO and arctic silver 5 paste.

Now the system is having sudden/random shut downs during use- all she does on it is play World of Warcraft which isn't all that intensive...
I'm not quite sure but I think it also happened during web-browsing once as well...
I'm trying to figure out what could be the problem but I am at my wits end-

Could anyone perhaps give me some incite on what could be the culprit?
I don't think it's the PSU because the whole thing would have crapped by now...

thank you for any help you can give me with this issue.

Deus Gladiorum

Jun 29, 2013
Everything tells me this is a PSU issue. Popping and shortages, in addition to random shutdowns? That's clearly fluctuating voltages, and it's more likely to be a PSU issue then poor voltage regulation from the motherboard. Go replace it. Your PSU might as well have the lettering "unreliable" all over it.

Don't buy things prebuilt, and CybertronPC seems shady. Aside from naming themselves after the home planet of the Transformers, I've never heard of them and according to google results, neither have a lot of people. You can pick up a good 600W fully modular Corsair CX for $60 if you stop by Microcenter soon, or you can order one online. Just be thankful that nothing has shorted out your motherboard or CPU yet. Keep that PC off until the PSU is replaced.



I would of built one for her, she used to be one of those people to max everything out on a PC, get the best parts...not really now...

The PSU is an IN-WIN Commander II 850W...I've never heard of IN WIN so I don't know about this brand...

Should I post a mostly empty list of parts?

AMD FX 6100 3.30GHz - Cooled 212 evo
16GB DDR3-1600 Ballistix memory (can't get it over 1333)
Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3 rev 1.2
1x HD7750

so other than the psu, this looks okay?
I might have to find the info for the memory and set it up correctly because setting it to 1600 crashes the damn thing...

I heard some having issues with Gigabyte boards with FX chips but I'm assuming that isn't common-


Just making sure that nothing else needs to be replaced-

PSU will be, just want to be sure that the motherboard should be or not-

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