Question My CPU fan shuts off as it boots into Windows, then PC reboots ?


Aug 28, 2019
I have a Gigabyte B450/M motherboard a Ryzen 3700X CPU and I'm running Windows 10 Home.

The computer starts fine then when it goes from the screen with the press F1 for whatever and the other options and the screen goes black the CPU fan Shuts off then the computer reboots. Sometimes it shuts off comes back on gets to the welcome screen then reboots.

  • I tried booting from an installation USB to do a start up repair everything goes fine until it boots into the Windows USB then I have the same issue.
  • I tried a clean install using a different M.2 it wont let me it shows the Windows logo as the screen goes to change the fan shuts off the computer reboots.
  • I tried the same thing with the same results with an SSD and a HDD everytime it goes to boot the fan cuts out and the computer reboots.
  • I booted into Bios and just let it run it ran perfectly for over an hour then I tried booting into Windows same deal.
Here's the part that is killing me it wont boot into the Windows USB but it will boot into a Linux USB. It boots into Mint, Ubuntu and Kali.
What would be the issue I'm completely lost and frustrated?

Any help would be greatly appreciated I cant find anything remotely like this issue the problem started 18 hours ago and this is my last resort.
Thank you for any help and have a great day.