Question My CPU has high temps after new GPU.

Nov 25, 2020
I got ASUS strix RTX 2060 super O8G on sale 2days ago and after i instal it into the pc my temps was for 10c higher..
PC specs:
Ryzen 5 3600 (stock settings) Be Quiet dark rock slim
Rtx 2060 super strix
Msi b450 tomahawk max
HyperX 2x8gb ram
M. 2 ssd 1tb
Corsair hx psu platinum

So before 2060super i had gtx 1050 ti witch temps were max 77c and cpu temps where max 70c at gameing and max 77c in cinebench r23.
Now with 2060super gpu temps are max 73c and in Horizon zero dawn i got max 83c. But now cinebench r23 temps are the same max 78c. I read some forums that gpu could heat cpu but gpu temps are lower now.
I have 5 case fans all on 1050rpm before i had them on 850rpm. 2x 140mm intake infront, 2x 120mm on top as exost and 1x 120mm at the back as exost.
Does someone know what to do i need help pls...


Lower GPU temps mean the card is doing a better job at exhausting heat, making the interior of the chassis warmer. Also a higher power card so it is generating more heat, period. Just means you might need to consider better airflow if you want lower temps.

Additionally, a faster GPU usually means more frames per second, which means more data will be demanded from the CPU, so CPU load should also have increased.

I don't recall there being any blower style 1050Ti, but I could be surprised. If the old card was exhausting directly out the back, and the new one isn't, that would also explain the rise in CPU only tests, you've changed the airflow in the chassis.

If the new card is larger, should be, you may also have blocked some airflow in the case.
Nov 25, 2020
Yeah the card is 5x larger then 1050ti, but theres still enaught space for airflow, as i said before i have 2x 140mm infront 2x 120mm on top and 1x 120mm at the back. I was thinking of swiching one on the top to make it intake but idk if that would help.


Feb 20, 2020
I was thinking of swiching one on the top to make it intake but idk if that would help.
No, please do not do that. Your airflow is OK. Your temps are not dangerous. May be, you can increase case-fan-speed again to 1050?

Perhaps removing some dust inside the case and cleaning fans might improve cooling, too?
Nov 25, 2020
The fan speed its set to 1050RPM myb i can increse it, i can see some dust on cpu coller but is not that much, cus i am cleaning pc every month. Ill clean it and reapply termal paste to see if that would help.
EDIT: I check benchmarks of my system in Horizon Zero Dawn and alot of people had temps from 75c to jumping on 85c