Jan 12, 2009
Ok not really. But I loaded up Asus PC Probe II today and it gave me quite a scare: my CPU was 109'C (225' F). I'll let the picture do the talking:


If there was ever any doubt that the bundled Asus software was almost entirely harmful, let this thread remove any doubt.

Let me get this out of the way:
- Yes, I'm a total noob. This is my first overclock.
- Yes, I got one of the crappy high-VID Q6600's. I'm over it.
- Pic is with prime95 on max heat torture test for 6 hrs
- System is q6600, Asus P5Q Pro, 8G OCZ ddr2-800, Xigmatek 1283 with fan replacement, 4xScythe 800rpm silent 120mm fans, Vista 64, OC stable to 3.1Ghz (except that my cpu is maybe on fire).

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone on this forum who has carefully documented that the Asus PC Probe II software, even the lastest version for my Mobo, is total crap. Scared me half to death. Nearly the entire software bundle from Asus is useless and only served to add a bunch of autorun stuff that almost universally results in a Bluescreen.

Motherboard Monitor to the rescue. Still dialing in voltages on the OC. And YES, that 1.44 Vcore is dialed in, and so far is the minimum voltage I have reached stable at - 6 hours so far.

I built this machine almost exclusively from reading this site and spcr. Thanks to all the knowledgeable people who made it possible. :hello:



Apr 23, 2008
Reseat your heatsink, it may be loose. Remember to go corner to corner when installing it with those those annoying pin's, and use new thermal paste (take the old off completely) when you do this.

(just opened pic, after wrote that)
You have a couple programs reading the temp, and only one that looks a bit off, which is pcprobe. I personally would just ignore that, assuming you had the others running at the same time as testing, as the other programs all seem to point to the same exact thing. So it looks like everything is ok and that program is just faulty, so its your call on what to do. Personally I run a couple more tests before I do anything else to double/tripple check I don't have any problems.


I used PCProbe II back with my Athlon Thunderbird. It was bad then, it would spike high or read negative or no temperatures when other software was running in particular. But in this case, it might not be PCProbe that is the problem. HWMonitor and SpeedFan should be reading a "CPU" temperature as well, not just core temperatures. 109C is still wrong anyway, since the cores can't be cooler, especially not 50C or so cooler :eek:
ASUS' PC Probe software is very inaccurate and I would recommend uninstalling it.
According to Coretemp (the program you should pay attention to), your temps are still in the acceptable range considering the overclock.
As long as you can keep it under ~70C full load (in coretemp), you will have no issues.


May 31, 2004
Your temps are fine at that voltage or any voltage for that matter. The voltage is high IMO, but it is what it is. What's all this about your CPU is on fire. Core Temp is accurate ignore the garbage.


If PCProbe II is reading core temps (which is unlikely, since it only shows one temp unless it averages them all out), it should read exactly the same +/- 5C as the other programs (depending on what it assumes Tj Max to be). The sensors provide the same data output.


Jan 5, 2008
well been watching both probe II and temp core and some times Asus reads up to 5C lower then AOD and temp core. Back when I had my 9850be hooked up and running @3.1ghz in the Asus 79-T, Aod show my temps to be 74-80C and that was with my water cooling setup. I was kinda worried about seeing how Asus Probe II showed it at 32C-38C at all times. My in line water cooler flow meter and temp showed the same as PC probe II.