Question My CPU is overheating no matter what I'm doing

Feb 13, 2019
For whatever reason my CPU seems to just be overheating either while I'm doing something on it or if I just let it run. I have added a speccy to show you what I have. With nothing running on my computer except Chrome my CPU is running at around 10-15%, if I start a game (specifically Life is Strange 2 which shouldn't be very labor intensive) my CPU is at around 20-30%. However the temperatures at running nothing but Chrome is fluctuating on HW monitor and Corsair Link from around 60-85 C and if I run the game around 70-100 C.
HWmonitor is a good temperature monitor.
At idle, you should be seeing 10-15c. over ambient.
Much more than that you have a cooler problem.
Nobody is going to wade through pages of useless speccy stuff.
List your specs including
graphics card
at least.

From your mention of corsair link, I surmise your cooler is a corsair aio.
One possibility is that the pump is failing. Can you hear/feel it running?
There could be clog in the coolant flow. Not much to be done about that.
A fan is not operating. Check them all.
There is a coolant leak. Do you see any evidence of this?
The pump has become dislodged. Reinstall the pump, make certain that it is clamped down evenly.
You used too much paste. A small rice sized drop will spread under heat and pressure. Using too much paste is a mistake and it will act as an insulator. Metal to metal contact is best.
It is hard to use too little.

Your processor will slow down or shut off if it senses a dangerous temperature.
That is around 100c.