Question My CPU reduces it's speed randomly by itself without overloading nor overheating


Apr 14, 2016
Hello guys,
I started to notice that my R9 3900X randomly sometimes reduce it's speed to 1.xx GHZ that started to make the pc a little slower even when browsing I noticed like some latency and lagging when it shouldn't since I always set up my power plan in control panel to " Amd ryzen High performance " and also my cpu is set to auto oc but voltage is always locked to 1.224V since I built it (just month ago) and everything was fine, no crashes nor errors nor anything bad. However lately it started to downclock itself badly here without anything and I have to go to power plan change it to anything else then choose back amd ryzen high performance power plan to fix this random downclock but to be honest with you I started to like worry if something is wrong with it or so? there is no any power saving option enabled in board bios if that might be the case and I will upload screenshots of downclocks and temps also down below please view them.
specs: X570 Aorus Master
Ryzen 9 3900X
Aorus aio 360mm with 5 fans (3 intakes from from case to radiator and 2 behind radiator exhaust and they never flew hot air at all which is sth good I never expected)
Team T-Force Dark Z 32 GB (2x16 GB) 3200 MHZ
Thanks 💙