Question My CPU temperature randomly jumping and going down

Sep 23, 2021
Hello, I have purchased new CPU 3 months ago, in the beginning everything was fine, my computer case has quite poor air
ventilation , which made my CPU go to 75 °C when I am playing demanding games on High, however it wasn't really a problem because its normal that if you play RDR2 on High for example, that your heat is quite high.
However a month after that I have installed new Windows 10, I had some problems with installation, couldn't install Windows 10 Pro for some reason and went with Windows 10 Pro N (The one without media player and stuff),
after that my problems began.
When my computer is idle temperature would be around 50 °C for about 2-3 seconds than jump randomly to 66°C and go down from there to 50 °C than repeat. When I am playing games (for example I played AC Origins last), normal temperature
would be 75 °C and than IT would jump to 90-95 °C , and go down to 75 °C , stay there for 2-3 sec and than jump again. This is a pattern that I have noticed and its going on for 2 months now.
I have completely cleaned my case and CPU fan, changed thermal paste and more things but same problem remains, CPU just randomly start overheating than cooling than overheating again.
It seems to me like its being used by something in the background that I cant see. Like some program is working in background.
Processor hasn't been damaged, it worked really well despite poor ventilation but after I changed Windows edition the problem began. I remember that the installation was quite painful, It took me 2 hours and I couldn't figure out why I couldn't install
Windows when I did everything I usually do. It was bugged and in the end changing Windows edition helped. (Just to mention, I activated it with HWIDGEN , didn't have money for key, but even while it displayed "Activate your Windows" same <Mod Edit> was happening).
Maybe my CPU fan is not working properly (CPU is Ryzen 5 3600) but I think its not the case since it wouldn't work properly to begin with. I thought that my graphic card isn't being used but it was not the case, it ran normally.
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Ryzen CPU's boost aggressively whenever a slight processing load comes along in order to to finish it off and go back into a sleep state. Those happen quite a lot as Windows runs a lot of background apps and services that pop up frequently. So what you're seeing is normal... a spike, then back down, another spike and back down, and so on...when you think it's at idle.
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