[SOLVED] My CPU usage percent is very high compared to usual

Jun 17, 2018
Hi I've been using my i7-4790k for around a year now and the usage percent has been going up very high causing performance issues.

This started happening after my dog knocked over my pc somehow and the CPU cooler somehow got knocked off. No big deal. i had an old I3 stock cooler laying around so i put that in for the CPU cooler, i was using an i7 stock cooler before this. The CPU Utilization percent is around 80% in games, when it rarely reaches 60% when it was working fine. Also on the startup the utilization is anywhere from 20-100%. On idle my cpu utilization is around 6%. I have checked for malware, and i have went threw the apps, background processes, windows processes, etc. Nothing is running besides the essentials.

The temperatures are normal

Stuff I've done:
I have run anti malware
I have checked to see if anything is using up my CPU in task manager and nothing is but the usage percent is high
I have reinstalled all the CPU drivers
I have reinstalled windows
I have read many other posts about CPU usage

I used to be able to watch Youtube while playing a game and still get good frames, now when i do that, the game is very laggy. (Yes i have dual monitors).

Gtx 960
16gb ram
128gb SSD boot drive
1tb hard drive for games
350w power supply
Windows operating system

This is a very frustrating issue and i hope someone else can help out! Thanks!
Jun 17, 2018

40 degrees C
In case this affected it my CPU, when i launched my PC after my dog knocked my pc over, the cpu cooler broke and i checked the temps and it was averaging 80-90C so i instantly turned off pc, let it cool off, and installed the i3 cpu cooler

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