Question my cpu whenever i play a game it is stuck at 100 usage

Dec 24, 2018
These are my specs 8 gb ram amd phenom ii x4 quad core gtx 760 and my cpu on idle is at 80 percent and when i start steam 90 and when i play a game its maxed and there are no other things open in the background, the other night i shut it off and the next day this happend, any help would be appreciated.
[Its not the cooler or thermal paste i put fresh on]


Feb 4, 2016
There are other things running in the background, usually windows service processes but, they shouldn't be causing 80% cpu usage. You could try tuning up the system by going through a windows service optimisation guide. Don't disable windows update or windows defender.

You may also some have 3rd party apps installed as services, both origin and steam have client helper services, for example, could be anything you may have installed similarly.

May also be a malware infection, I'm not up to date on the latest scanners and whatnot, but you can run autoruns to see what bloatware or if any suspicious processes are running, that is processes lacking any description.

There are also malware guides about but often involve running several different malware scanners & I've heard it said Clam Av is pretty good but I don't know all there is to know about it, I don't think I've had any malware lately.

Hope you've got a fast ssd. Could also run Wise Reg Cleaner that also has some system tuneup options. You could find bucketloads of software free or premium that does all similar things so that would all entail reading around to catch up with the latest developments.

The latest nvidia driver was patched to 430.64 to fix a security hole if you're on nVidia you might want to update that.
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