My crack for dead space 2 isn't working


Sep 22, 2012
When I attempt to play the cracked version(only cracked to prevent crashes) my whole screen goes black until I control+alt+delete it and close it on task manager. The non-cracked version of the game plays just fine until level 7 in the solar array place, when it crashes as I open the door. Why is it doing this?
Dump the cracked version, and don't ask for help with it again. Asking for help with pirated or illegal software is against the terms of service here.

Regarding the legal version, the fact that it's crashing at the same point every time indicates that something is going wrong when your system tries to load that part of the game from the hard drive. Have you tried first looking for updates to the game? If the game is already up to date, have you tried reinstalling it?

Failing both of those, you may want to try copying the game to another hard drive if you have one, load the game from there and get back to the same point. This would generally indicate a problem with some of the sectors the game data are stored on. The other option to determine if the hard drive is bad would be to perform a diagnostic scan of the drive. The tools found on the Ultimate Boot CD are quite handy for that purpose.