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Feb 24, 2017
Hi, so im 17 and still live with my family, recently my dad was getting slow internet and he decided to split the internet into two, limiting my wifi access. I get really high ping and bad internet now, i was never downloading things, i just played minecraft which consumes almost nothing. We have a 10mb or 1mb/s internet connection, and yeah. His wifi is hosted by the router and mine is hosted by the wifi signal repeater... I sneaked into his computer and i know the password but im afraid he finds out i discovered the password. What can i do? I already tried to convince and didn't work. Please help!

Math Geek

there really is nothing you can do. it's his house so he can do what he wants with it.

you can maybe see if you can pay for your own connection and then you can do what you want with it.

there really is nothing you can do even knowing the password. your issue sounds like the repeater is just not that good rather than any setting in the router. perhaps you can offer to buy a better repeater set-up or a power-line adapter to get a better signal to you.
You could try to convice him to buy better hardware or as stated above, if you do have a small job and can afford your own internet, maybe he would put you a line in as long as you paid it.
QoS and things like that may help, but you've got to know how to do all this router type stuff to get a better connection.
What you describe is actually not simple to do. The problem may not be he is limiting the traffic but you are getting lots of errors because you have 2 wifi hops. It is all going to depend on how you think the limitation is being done.

Minecraft etc only needs about 500kbps so it would be strange to limit the connection so far that does not work. I would just ask what he limited it to and then see if he can reset the QoS so you can have this very small amount. You may not be able to watch video and play your game but at least the game will run well. If your requirement are that small I suspect it is not a intentional limitation. I would still be most suspect of a wifi repeater since you have a wifi signal between the router and the repeater and a second signal between the repeater and your pc. Either of these can get interference which tends to be the cause of high ping in games more than anything else.
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