Question My Dell Inspirion 5680 wont let me open anything.

Oct 10, 2019
So practically I have a gaming pc running fairly good gear, and it’s been running smoothly for a few years.

Recently, I downloaded GTA V and downloaded a few mods for some fun, I had no issues using them, frame rate was constant, my pc holds up fine. I took precautions and installed anti-virus systems, and did multiple checks whilst using these mods. I’ve had multiple games using mods and never had an issue...

Till last night, after playing and carefully shutting down my system, all was running good. Till today, I turned on my computer and opened another game called (rust), my friend decided to stuff around and try open multiple tabs ultimately crashing/freezing the game, which led me to the windows error “end process” or “continue” and of course it wouldn’t continue.

Once closing all applications, I tried to re-open any folder/application, I could see the blue circle loading for ages. With no application opening what so ever, then around 30 seconds later I’d receive a notification that said “Windows cannot access the specified device path or file, you may not have the permission to access this” and clearly after checking and doing my research online, my computer has full access to open files etc.

I have a feeling something may have corrupted? But I’m not sure, I can’t see in any possible way how my pc could’ve potentially crashed because of gta v or the mods applied. I just want my pc working again, as at the moment nothing works and opens unless I’m in safe mode.

If you have any recommendations, it’d help greatly.

Thanks Ben


Win 10 Master
did you use the restart option in power or just turn pc off/on... as they are different. WIndows 10 by default uses a mode called Fast startup. The only time a PC with this on is actually off, is during a restart. It could reset the values

look in device manager and see if any devices have an exclamation next to name

what are specs of PC? The model has a few variants from what I can see. Do you have 1 or two drives? all the ones here have at least 2 -

have you run the diagnostics?