My dell laptop wont pick up my external hard drive what should i do


Mar 4, 2012
i have an external hard drive when i put it into my laptop via the usb port it comes up in my devices and printers but i cant open it and access my things plus it doesnt show up in my computer either whys that can someone help me please?????
Question is the USB enclusure powered by an ac adaprote or does it get it's power from the USB port?

USB2 can only provide a MAX of 0.5 amps (that means device can not exceed 2.5 Watts). Some times they use a usb cable that will plug into to usb2 ports to provide additional power.

USB3 increases the amount of power available to devices.

Myself, for external HDDs I either use a powered eneclosure or I plug the HDD in to a powered usb Hub.