Question My Dell XPS 13 crashes and makes a loud buzzing noise under load

Jun 18, 2019
I've recently purchased a pre-owned Dell XPS 13 9360 with a 4k screen, 16gb of ram and a Toshiba 1tb SSD.

The laptop itself is perfect in almost every way, but I've encountered a really troubling problem:
When under high load (running prime 95 blend test or even playing Minecraft) for more than a few minutes; the laptop will crash completely. Typically the screen will flash black (Sometimes with a few RGB strips) and return to the previous window but it will be completely unresponsive. Closing the lid wont turn the screen off, keypresses do not register, the mouse will not move and if any audio is playing; a loud buzzing sound will be emitted by the speaker.

The only way around the crash is to hold down the power button and shut down the laptop manually, it will boot as normal but will not resume the previous session.

I'd really love to find a fix for this ASAP, I love this computer already and I'd rather not send it back unless it's absolutely necessary.

Here's a video post-crash, running prime 95 and coretemp.

(In the video the laptop is sitting on a bed, however, the first time the problem occurred I was at my desk in an airconditioned room)
Thanks :)