My Desktop Admin Account was polluted when I signed-up for a Microsoft User Account, How to Fix it?


Sep 20, 2012
Somehow the desktop thinks I have 2 administrator accounts. Originally, there was one account named “My Name.” With no password so upon powering the machine it would go through to the desktop without waiting for any action in my part.
This setup survived the switch over from Windows 7 to Windows 10 (beta). A few months later when the final Windows 10 free download offer was to expire, I upgrade the machine to that. As far as I know, I have the latest update of Windows 10, since it updates at will.
A little after I update to the published release of Windows10, I started having problems with the machine freezing up which I narrowed down to a browser (any browser) being open. In order to write a thread in the Windows forum, I had to “sign-up” for a Windows account (unbeknownst to me, sort of like creating a new identity in the Windows Universe). On their registration they asked for “Email address as name” and a password (which I set up with a secure app, not paying attention to the password created). I wrote my thread on the browser freezing up my machine and requiring a hardboot to fix it and closed the forum.
Next time I powered-up my desktop, it asked me for a password (?????), totally not knowing what this was about, I requested of Windows to give me a “new-temporary” password. I think this is when the problem began.
Now on power-up I see the machine has 2 Admin accounts, both named "Email Address," both requiring passwords. When I use lusrmgr.msc to query the account I see the machine thinks the Admin is “My Name” (correctly): (1 - lusmgr)
But when I query the account using “netplwiz,” it thinks the Admin name is "Email Address": (2 - User Accounts)
When I go to “Settings --> Accounts," it shows this: (3 - Accounts)
And if I use the "Control Panel --> User Accounts," I see something similar: (4)
It says it is password protected although as you see in the figure "2 - User Accounts" the box for password in this account is unchecked.

SO, Windows 10 is lost, the only name I can change is "My Name" and there is no way to change the accounts that are wrong. I don't see how to change the Admin name the Microsoft User Account created. Because where I can do it (1 - lusmgr), it has the correct name and I cannot find where the "Email Address" location resides, or how to change it.

I want to get back to a single Admin account with a name and password of my choosing.
How to do this without killing all the work I have done for months?
P.S.: As far as I know my original problem is not fixed (I just don't run Browsers in that machine), Microsoft Moderators were no help on that and I have deleted that user account.