Question My Desktop can't Port Forward but my Laptop can on the same Network?


Apr 28, 2015
I'm wanting to host a Minecraft server without using Hamachi, it's usually quite simple as I've port forwarded in the past before, except this time there seems to be no apparent reason why it's failing. I go onto to check if my service is visible to the internet, and it times out. I tried hosting the server on my laptop, and it works, even when I change the port on the rule in the firewall and the port in the server properties file, everything works as expected on my laptop. I thought well maybe it's to do with how my laptop uses wifi and my PC uses ethernet, hooked my laptop into the router with ethernet and it still works fine. I went into the windows network settings and reset all the drivers and reset all the network settings to default values and it still doesn't work.

Can anyone give me any ideas as to why my PC can't port forward? My desktop is custom made, my laptop is an Acer Aspire 5552 but I completely wiped it with a fresh install of windows using DBAN's tool, my router is an EE Smart Hub. I thought I might have to wipe my PC, but I just have far too much data on it for it to be an easy task.

Thanks for any help :)