Question My desktop does not have a WiFi option only a Ethernet option

Jun 5, 2019
My desktop which is a Aspire XC-603G does not have a WiFi option only a Ethernet option. It is also the same in internet connections. Please help!


despite what you might possibly think, it's very uncommon for desktops to have WiFi. Especially prebuilt systems like the one you have.

Usually with any desktop system, the end user has to go out and buy a WiFi adapter to plug into the PC either through USB or PCIe.

The only other way to get WiFi on a desktop is to either buy a prebuilt unit that has it built in either by way of PCIe adapter, or it has it built into the motherboard itself.

Alternatively when custom building, the only other way is buy a motherboard that has it built in.

However, you may not need to buy an adapter at all if you have an Android phone.

With an Android phone, simply plug it into the PC with a USB cable while it is connected to wifi, then go into your hotspot settings on the phone and enable hotspot through USB tethering.

This will typically boot you off of WiFi connection on the phone and start sharing data, however, just turn WiFi back on on your phone and let it connect and then it should be tether sharing your WiFi.

But if you want the simpler route, just do like I said and buy an adapter that is either PCIe or USB.