Question My desktop performs worse than my laptop which has lower specs ?


Jul 9, 2017
My desktop seem to be very slow for the specs I have. To the point of me even lagging slightly in games like League of Legends and Overwatch even on lower settings.

I know the difference between a 165hz screen and a 144hz screen (The refresh rate I use on my desktop at 1080p) and even then the stuttering and lag I see on my desktop is just insane. The fact I can't even keep a solid 144fps in league with like 15% cpu usage is insane. Ontop of all of that my games looks so... choppy? As if my pc can't keep it's <censored for bad language> together for 5 seconds. My fps fluctuates even if I limit it FAR below what it can do fps wise. Even in Minecraft and Overwatch where my pc easily goes in the several hundres in fps when I limit it to 144 they both go to <censored for bad language>. They both dip below 100 at times and so much other <censored for bad language>.

I did a whole factory reset of my pc and went through like 3 different anti virus softwares (defender, malware bytes and some other one I forgot the name of) and nothing was found. I cannot seem to find a way to make it any smoother. Also when I try to update windows to windows 11 it just states I don't have the specs needed to do so? I have the latest GPU drivers and I assume my cpu and motherboard drivers are up to date. I could try turning on Vsync but that wouldn't solve the issues with fps.

My laptop on the other hand runs like butter no matter what I play. Fps stays solid and smooth and I remember playing CS:GO on it and just going "holy <censored for bad language>... THE GAME FEELS AMAZING". Like I legit fell in love with gaming all over again by playing it for 2 minutes. Is it just the CPU difference or do I have another issue I should deal with?

My desktop specs
CPU: I7 8700k
RAM 32gb 3200mhz

Laptop specs
GPU: 3060M
CPU R7 5800H
RAM: 16GB 3200mhz
Screen: 165hz 2560 x 1600