My devices blocked on house shared WiFi . what to do ?

Aug 22, 2018
G'day all

Well Im a student sharing house with other students. so we share the WiFI as well in one house!

So the wifi signal is strong on my computer and all my devices. But there is no Internet as you tube for example is just buffering or then no internet at all.

Unfortunately I feel I have blocked by somebody, so what to do. I restarted the Wifi to see and all of them run to the router (that mean they have Internet) when asked them they answer oh, we have it but it slow. for me it is not slow it no thing works at all , cant even see a picture or seconds of video.

our router is NetComm 2.4GH
we all have access to the router setting, admin/admin
I read on google there is a way to limit the band width or blocking some device (usually parents to make sure kids sleep with no internet or gaming after a time)

I am using my mobile data and still can excess to the router incase that help

My question :
How could I check if I/my devices are blocked. how to overcome this issue.
just in case this is what is happening, I would need to show it to the house holder (do not live in the same house).

Your help are appreciated


Aug 22, 2018
try to reset the wifi not just unplugg. press phisical reset botton usually is inside router in a tiny hole.
If problem persist its just you not the router.
So other possible explanation your mates have torrent 24/7 on or you MAC addresses have been blocked
Aug 22, 2018
I pretty sure they do that, but i just want the approve.

I am very busy came home for sleeping most the time only the weekends it is my time to rest. it is when all the drama happen.
Today just 2 hours ago the same suddenly cut in the internet happened.lost it

Luckily I have the main lane (wire from antenna to the router in the mid of the house) is in my room. so as I see the signal strong and cannot access (the only explanation is Im blocked)
When I unplugged the (not sure what its called, not the router but the wire go to the router, not the power) I can hear they pissed off, which easy to say the enjoy the internet and do not have the problem. as they have it before unplugging that anntena to router connection, I did that just to see if they have or not.

I tested them again, told them I am giving it 30min after restarting the modem if it does not worked i will reset it and will do anything not leave it for tomorrow as its Friday night where we needed mostly. 5 mins later, I got the internet!, after unplugging the router. Im sick from this

I am just looking for approve to catch theses bad shi
**ty people.
the new thing is I could not even log to my router today from my mobile using the data, and it look blocked , can they?
could the system log on the router show if any changes happens to it like filtering or blocking any user?
please, please help me,
I swear to God, I am here the victim,
so please accept my apologize for bringing you in such details.