Question My Display keeps cutting to black, while the PC is being used.

Aug 16, 2019
Intel core i7-8700K CPU @ 7.70GHz 16GB Ram MSI GTX 1080

I've been seeing people post on forums all day, and by no means am I at all tech savvy. I bought my parts for my build, and my friend put it together nearly 8 months ago. I have not had a problem with this PC what so ever since the last windows update that came out.

The PC at the most random of times will drop its display, while continuously running still. I can even hear my youtube or discord audio still working, as well as being able to talk back with my voice. I can occasionally move in some of the games, other times it stops all together.

What I've tried:
I uninstalled geforce experience as well as any form of nvidia file on my PC and then reinstalled it.
I also have checked my ports to make sure all connections were fine, and they are secured with no issues.

I'm open to any type of suggestions or advice. I threw a lot of money at this PC, and I do not have the means to replace anything right now. Also any advice you have, please explain it like I'm five as I've never done this before