Question My display keeps freezing, rest of the PC runs fine ?

Sep 24, 2021
I am feeling absolutely helpless at this point after searching and trying many solutions that I have found online.
I have a pc that I assembled 3 years ago. The motherboard is new as I just got it replaced from MSI service center. The components are-

Motherboard - MSI Z390 A-PRO
CPU - Intel i5 8th Gen
GPU - Nvidia GTX 1060
RAM - Adata XPG 16 GB 3000 mhz x 1
PSU - Corsair VS550

After a week of using my pc with my new motherboard, I first got this issue when I was playing a game (Hitman 2016), I was playing it for 15 minutes only when the screen just froze. After waiting for 5-10 minutes, I realized that rest of the pc was working fine, the sound was there, and mouse and keyboard were also working (could tell from their lights). I then manually restarted my system but this kept occurring every time either within seconds into logging into windows and sometimes right after the bios boot screen.

I tried following the steps mentioned in this thread -

I have also tried:

  • resetting my pc (keeping personal files),
  • I updated the BIOS through my pen drive, (although I noted that the one which I got from MSI website was the one that was already installed)
  • I uninstalled and reinstalled graphics driver,
  • I uninstalled Intel processors from Device manager which got reinstalled on their own after rebooting, then installed chipset driver from Intel website.
Worth mentioning that I am able to use my pc on safe mode though, that's how I am able to post this / try the solutions I found online including the thread mentioned above.
I am feeling so confused and helpless. I will appreciate any help that I can get from the very knowledgeable people in this forum