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Discussion My Display shows yellow horizontal lines after connecting GTX 950 OC card. It is also disabled and shows error code 43 on device manager. Help?

Nov 8, 2019
Hey guys. I am not a tech kinda guy. So please don't tell me any complicated tech stuff that I can't understand. I am just a gamer. A normal gamer

Okay. So My cousin had this Gigabyte GTX 950 OC GDDR5 128bit edition. It was in running condition. I liked it's performance. He said he didn't need it anymore. He is gonna buy a new one anyways. He bought that like 2 months ago. He also accidentally removed the warranty seal. So Now we can't RMA it.

So I inserted the graphics card on my PCI Express 2.0 slot. My Power Supply unit doesn't have a 1×6 power pin so I had to buy a molex to 1x6 power pin and connected it to PSU and GPU.

Here is the image of the molex cable:

Okay So I connected them and I turned on my PC. Then I saw yellow lines on my Display. I was bamboozled.
Here is the image of yellow lines on my Display: https://pasteboard.co/IFLvD2K.jpg

I called my cousin. He said he never faced it when he first installed the GPU. I thought maybe it could be because I didn't install the graphics driver's. I first installed the driver from the manufacturer CD. That didn't seem to work out. So I downloaded latest NVidia GTX 950 Windows 10 64 bit drivers. I installed them. That didn't work out as well. I thought maybe I should use DDU first. So I used DDU. I Cleaned and Uninstalled my Graphics drivers from safe mode and I restarted my PC.
Then I installed the latest drivers again. Still it didn't work this time. I mean during the installation I would get a black screen for 5 seconds. I think that sets the screen display and enables it. But after the black screen I still see yellow lines. So I went to Device Manager and I clicked on display adapters. Then I saw there was an error image on the Nvidia Graphics Adapter Icon. I right clicked on properties. And then I saw "The graphics card was disabled due to some errors (code 43)"
I searched every YouTube video and they did exactly what I did.

One more thing. Is my PSU is guilty in this situation? It could be. Here is the image of my PSU:https://pasteboard.co/IFLs7rr.jpg

Here are my specs (Please Don't make fun of me. My budget is very low)
Processor: Intel Core I3-2100 3.10 GHz
Ram: 4GB DDR3 Teamgroup Ram
Motherboard: AsusTek P8H61-M-LX
PSU: Name Unknown (Image given above)
GPU: Gigabyte GTX 950 Rev 1.0 OC Edition 2GB GDDR5 128 Bit

Here is the image of the system:
1.) https://pasteboard.co/IFLuAXv.jpg
2.) https://pasteboard.co/IFLuYLv.jpg

Please tell me any solution. And Tell me if my PSU is at fault here... It will be a great help. I am waiting for replies. One more thing I have never posted or been on Tom's Hardware before. So please take it easy on my. Thank You



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