Question My DNS problem has never been resolved. Tried a lot of solutions.

Dec 8, 2021
Im a wireless user, no ethernet. I just have the standard modem/router (Virgin hub 3.0) by itself. Its signal isnt that great so I use a wifi extender.
I’ve been having trouble with my DNS. As most people know, it says’s DNS address could not be found. I've tried the following solutions:

I’ve tried changing it to or or even I’ve used the command prompt (run as administrator) then the steps
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /registers
ipconfig /release i
pconfig /renew
netsh winsock reset
Restarted computer

Ive also updated my drivers (I have a MSI 560M Wi-if motherboard, and downloaded the intel wifi driver)

Idk if this helps but I temporarily turned off the fire wall and that didn’t help.

I cleared my chrome cache too.

I reset my network and still NOTHING. Reset my pc (not the re installation of windows). it worked for a bit then went back to not working.
I changed the DNS to manual instead of automatic, then back to automatic

All my other devices like my phone my laptop work, but my desktop doesn’t work. It works with mobile data but nothing else. Can someone please help? I dont understand much about networking so it would be helpful if someone could explain solutions a bit more simplified. I honestly dont mind contacting someone and going through solutions with them via messaging or calls.
Try the most simple test first.

Use the NSLOOKUP command and look some site up.


What is key here is what does the dns server show. It should on the top could lines show you the ip and name of the dns server itself.

It should give you a list of possible addresses for the actual site. If you actually get IP addresses then the DNS is working.

You can also try


This will force the DNS server to be cloudflare

The actual IP addresses it resolves to maybe different but that does not matter what is important is if you get a response or not.



I tried both (i had a screenshot for the other option however i reset my whole computer again and reinstalled windows). Ive noticed my computer works when i reset it or when i do the system resore point. but then it unexpectedly doesnt want to work again at all. Would this information help at all?
It is interesting that the default DNS server is set to an unusual IP address. It isn't your router. It isn't one of the large public DNS providers. It is a Virgin Media IP address in the UK.
That is very unusual.


You mention above that all of the other devices in house work aside from the computer.

You can only connect the computer wirelessly? Is this because it doesn't have an 'RJ' type hardwire plug available?

When you are connecting wirelessly, is it on a built in device, or something like a USB adapter or a card, etc.?

edit- part of what I am getting at is, try another dongle if available. Tether the PC to your phone and see what happens, etc.