my documents full on 2 GB dos path for 320 GB for windows 98


Oct 2, 2012
Will a dos instruction expand the windows c: files for word to act the same with a 320 GB compatible hard drive as the 2Gb C drive was retriveing documents. Current setting appear to cause the 320 GB to act the same as the 2 GB C drive.
What is the dos statement?
What is the dos statement to increase DIM from 2 256 to 2 1GB?
What is the dos statement to ensure the computer understand drives B, C, D for DVD and Kingston E?
Some of your questions are not clear, but I will do my best:

There is no DOS command that can expand a 2GB partition to 320GB. What version of Windows are you running? The first version of Windows 95 does not support partitions larger than 2GB.

Windows 9x cannot use more than 512MB; there is no DOS command to change that.

DOS and Windows 95 cannot use USB drives.