My downloading speed is so low.


Oct 23, 2010
So I am downloading a game off of steam and getting like 100-200kb/s. I went to and it said I have a download speed of 11.72mb/s. What could be causing me to get such a low download speed off of steam?
OK lets break it down a bit :

Are you getting 100 - 200 Kbs or 100-200 KBs ?? (there is a big difference there !) I assume you mean KBs since 1B = 8b (8 bits to 1 Byte) so 200KB =1600Kb which sounds about right for what you are saying. Since 11.72mb\s would be the same as 1.456MB\s (same 8 bits = 1 Byte and 11.72\8 = 1.456 ) so you are most likely on a 1.5 MB\s connection from your IP which would translate into approx 1536Kb\s or 192KB\s download speed.

Of course this assumes you made a few mistakes in the numbers you mentioned if you really mean kbs not KBs then you are running about 8 times slower than you should be !