My Dream Gaming System


Apr 15, 2002
Hello Everyone:

Finally my system is done! Why did it took so long for motherboard manufacture to release Nforce4 ultra chipset!!!! I Just can't wait any more so went ahead for the Asus SLI Deluxe. Anyway, this system rocks! The nforce4 internal firewall really works, it blocks quite a few malicious attack while I install OS online. If you are a serious gamer, you will know how crucial it is to not have lag during tournament, now couple with the new Razer Diamondback, exactmat, and the zboard, I get to frag with insane accuracy and uber low ping!

At idle my cpu temperatue is about 25 while system about 35, needless to say I am very happy with my AMD winchester, 2 thumbs up to AMD for coming out with 64bit ready cpu while perform just as fast and not as hot as P4. This system can be used for overclocking as well as upgrading to AMD64 4000 in the future. Although not dead silent, it is very very quite. The loudest thing is actually my DVD-RW drive.

This system is everything that I desire; it has the looks, performance, and the quiteness. Anyway, I highly recommand this setup if you got the cash (about 2000) and the time to build your own rig.

CPU: AMD64 3200 Winchester 90nm

MB: ASUS "A8N-SLI Deluxe" nForce4 SLI Socket 939

HS: Thermalright Heatsink for P4 & K8 CPUs, Heatsink Only, Model "XP-120" -RETAIL

FAN: 3X Arctic Fan Pro 2L 80x80x34.5mm adustable fan (11db)
2X regular stock 120mm fan (20db)

TC: Arctic Silver Premium Silver Polysynthetic Silver Thermal Compound, Model "Arctic Silver 5", 3.5-gram( 1 cc. ) tube

PS: Antec Black Fanless 350 Watt ATX12V power supply, Model "Phantom 350"

RAM: OCZ EL Platinum Revision 2 Dual Channel Kit 184-Pin 1GB(512MBx2) DDR PC-3200

Heatsink: Zalman ZM-NB47J for chipset fan replacement
Thermaltake Fanless VGA for video card fan replacement

HD: Maxtor 300GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive, Model 6B300S0 SATA II, NCQ

VIDEO CARD: Leadtek nVIDIA GeForce 6600GT Video Card, 128MB GDDR3, 128-Bit, DVI/TV-Out, PCI-Express, Model ""PX6600GT TDH Extreme"

DVD: ASUS Silver 16X DVD-ROM/ 48X CD-ROM QuiteTrak Drive, Model DVD-E616P2S

DVDRW: NEC 16X Double Layer DVD¡ÓRW Drive (Sliver) Model ND-3520A, OEM

SOUND CARD: Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS GAMER Limited Edition PCI Sound Card, Model "SB0350"

CASE: SILVERSTONE Silver Nimiz Case, Model "SST-TJ03"

CK: SilverStone SST-FP51-S (Silver) Aluminum 5.25" to 3.5" Bay Converter Kit

FLOPPY: Mitsumi Floppy 7-in-1 USB card reader / smart media Grey

KEYBOARD: Zboard Gaming Keyboard (Standard and Gaming Keyset)

MOUSE: Razer Diamondback RZ-1600

MOUSE PAD: EXactMat bundle with wrist rest RZ-9500




Jun 14, 2004
1 video card is missing :)

I'm happy for you.

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Apr 15, 2002
haha i don't really need SLI, i got the ASUS SLI cause can't wait any more. SLI is way too costly, 2 6600gt is about 6800gt and 2 6800gt cost a ton, just not cost effective IMO.