Jun 25, 2011
Approximate Purchase Date: (this week)

Budget Range: $3500 max

System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming, editing, movies

Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: but doesn't matter

Country of Origin: us

Parts Preferences: doesn't matter

Overclocking: Yes

SLI or Crossfire: Yes

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080 x3

Additional Comments: Going for a black/blue theme. Can I use the 4 120mm fans on the 600t side panel with the heatsink? Should I use a different case maybe? any input is welcome thanks!

Intel i7 2600k


EVGA Gtx 580 x2

G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 16GB 1333 cas7

F3 spinpoint x4 Raid

Kingston HyperX SH100S3/120G x2 Raid 0

Cpu fan/heatsink:
Scythe SCMG-3000 with push/pull

Cosair 600t black w/mesh cut out

Cd/Blueray drives:
asus cd drive
sony blueray

LCD fancontroler:
NZXT SEN-001LX Sentry LX Aluminum dual bay fan controller

Corsair 1050hx

120mm Fans:
Thermaltake AF0026 Smart Blue LED 120mm Fan with Speed control knob x7

200mm Fan:
XIGMATEK LED Fan Crystal series CLF-F2001 200mm Blue LED Case Fan Molex Adapter/extender included



first off get 3 of these monitors- 1920x1200 monitor gives a total res. of 5670x1200 haha that is great

what speakers did you get because i suggest these- produce amazing sound

i7 2600k & P8P67 WS Revolution- 555$

Silverstone Raven RV03- 140$ this case cools better than the coolermaster haf x thanks to its unique design

ADATA S511 240gb- 270$ i wouldnt mess with raid especially with something as valuable as an ssd (they are plenty fast anyways)

gigabyte 6970 2gb- 350$x3=1050$

Cooler master silent pro gold 1200w- 240$ dont worry the psu is hidden in the case so you dont have to see its off scheme colors

HDD- just get 2 f3's 100$ dont put them in raid they are plenty fast. when you need more space get another 2 but i dont think you will 2 tb's is a lot.

16gb's of ram....not needed- 65$ after promo code

Cpu heatsink: Corsair H60 70$

aftermarket fans for the h60- x2=14$ has to be blue

asus dvd burner- 21$ get the one from amazon free shipping

asus blu ray burner- 100$

maybe add a few 120mm fans around the case. (the 120mm fans i posted for the h60)

what mouse and keyboard were you thinking of??



Jun 25, 2011
Thanks for the input. I already have steelseries g6 v2, and razer lachesis. I dont like the corsair water coolers tbh. I want 16 gigs for editing. I want atleast 2 f3's for raid 0 but im thinking raid 10. I dont wanna get a CM PSU I have heard alot of bad things about cm PSU. Nvidia fanboy > 6970. The motherboard doesn't have the best reviews. Also i always use a headset so no speakers needed.


silent pro series are great psu's. the rest of them i agree are bad. im still sticking with that recommendation

if you are going to get 16gb's of ram just get the higher clocked ram dont mess around with the lower cl's-

cpu cooler- best air cooler on the market (can always paint the fans blue?)

gtx 590- look into one of these

stick with the motherboard and cpu combo so you can run the cards at x16/x16. no motherboard has great ratings anyways you're talking about newegg reviews right? most of the reviewers are idiots

i wouldnt put an ssd in raid 0

just get 2 spinpoint f4 2tb's and put them in raid 0

im sticking with my monitor case ssd recommendations