My Ethernet connection keeps randomly disconnecting


Sep 17, 2017
So basically, last night, when I was playing some R6S it disconnected me from the game because of the Ethernet cables not being properly connected, even though they were. I then restarted my PC and noticed while I was in Chrome, at the bottom right it kept saying the network was fine and then changing to not being connected. This went on for almost half an hour. So eventually I just did a CMOS and BIOS reset (one with the pins and the other in the bios) however, it was still happening. I also tried using different cables, updating the BIOS and different ports and none of it has worked. Please help me fix this problem. I also hadn't gone inside of the PC since last week and before today it's been completely normal. But then yesterday it started acting up.
The icon at the bottom right corner of your screen will show 1 of 3 states. Normal is a box that I think looks a bit like a TV. No internet access is the box with a yellow "!". Ethernet not connected is the box with a red "x".

If you are getting the red "x", then Ethernet connection between your computer and the next device (switch, router, etc) is not connected. This could be an issue with your computer or the device at the other end of the line (also any plugs, connectors, etc between the computer and the device). This can happen if an Ethernet cable is loose or poor wiring or because a physical fault inside one of the ports. Replacing the cable is a good first tests. Also try different ports on your router, switch, etc.

If you are getting the yellow "!", then it is something else downstream that is not properly connected (ISP line, modem, etc).