Info My experience with the latest Nvidia driver update affecting sleep/shutdown functions

Mar 4, 2022
I'm completely new to this forum and not a tech expert by any means, so I don't know if I'm breaking conventions here--but I wanted to share my latest experience with the Nvidia driver update, and when I tried to do so in the Nvidia forum, my post got "ghosted" by the company moderator. Since it was a multi-day ordeal and seemed very difficult for me to find anyone describing the same problem or a solution, I was hoping to share my successful resolution.

After installing the latest driver update, I experienced recurring issues with my computer's sleep and shut down functions.

I am running a GeForce GTX 1070 Ti and Windows 10 (64 bit) in a PC about six years old with some updated components here and there.

I was running Nvidia GeForce Experience, and updated the latest driver update as suggested (511.79) about two weeks ago mid-February. Before long, I noticed that my PC would not sleep when prompted--the monitor would switch off, but the tower continued to run with all fans and lights operating. At that point, the PC was non-responsive, and would not wake (the monitor) with mouse or keys. The only option was a forced restart.

The same issue was occurring when I attempted a shut down: monitor off, but tower continued to run and was unresponsive.

I tried many suggested fixes, including adjusting power options, sleep options, tweaking the scheduled processes, etc. Nothing worked. I also reset all my BIOS settings and CPU clocking to default, and disassembled, inspected, and cleaned all interior components just to cover my bases. Nothing changed.

I finally decided it might be the Nvidia driver, and attempted to reinstall it: at this point, I experienced the apparently common issue where the GeForce Experience failed to update. I attempted to uninstall it unsuccessfully and finally removed it manually. I then downloaded and reinstalled the driver from the company site. At this time, the sleep issue resolved briefly (functioning for one cycle) and then continued to malfunction.

At last, I rolled back my driver to the last time I knew it worked (472.12--I should add, this was a clean installation, though I'm not entirely sure what the difference is)--this has apparently completely resolved the issue. Multiple sleep and shut down cycles completed without error.

Again, I am no expert--but for anyone experiencing a similar issue since the latest driver update, I would recommend trying rolling the driver back. And dump GeForce Experience. It worked for me.

Hope this helps someone. :)
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Jun 12, 2015
You could have tried running DDU in safe mode, remove all traces of Nvidia on system and install again.
it might have been a bad install, they can happen.

You could try them again after running DDU and if it still happens, go back to old drivers you know work

Often its not good idea to be on newest drivers if you don't have newest hardware. The makers don't take into account every card they made before when making the drivers.

I have seen other people with 10 series cards have problems with newer drivers, and really you best stopping with drivers you know work rather than upgrading them and risk it doesn't work as well.
Jun 26, 2022
Thanks. Just had a similar issue.

Today I installed Geforce Experience and updated the drivers from 497.29 to 516.40 for my GTX 1070 Ti. Suddenly the sleep option was gone in the power down menu. Also the hybrid sleep setting in the advance power settings was missing.

For me it helped to just uninstall Geforce Experience. So I'm still on 516.40. Hybrid sleep seems to work again.