Question My experience with XFX Graphics cards

Mar 8, 2020
So 3 and a half years ago I bought both XFX RX 570 and XFX RX 580 (both the 4 GB version) for my rig and my sister's rig, (if you're interested, I took the RX 570 and OC'd it and since my sister knows nothing about overclocking I gave her the RX 580) and both cards ran fine for the first month, but afterwards both our cards started doing something really weird, in 1 out of each 10 boot-ups POST
fails to detect the graphics card and runs the iGPU, I tried switching the boot settings to force the PC to use the dedicated graphics card on both our rigs and it didn't work, the POST still auto switches iGPU, I don't know if that's an issue with dell motherboards (yes both our rigs use dell motherboards) or it's because there's a problem with XFX Graphics cards

So we just lived with the problem, a year went by then we both started noticing temperature increase over the months in both our cards, like 1 degree every month (probably because of thermal compound) so we ignored it because it didn't look like a lot

Another year went by, the temperatures already got unbearable, my card averaged 82 C when it was averaging 71 C 2 years ago, my sister's RX 580 averaged 85 C when it was around 72 C 2 years ago, when I tested both cards I used unigine heaven extreme preset at around 27 C ambient temperature
So we were both using auto fan curve, so I decided to adjust the fan curve on both our graphics cards and do a slight undervolt, And it pretty much worked out and took the temps back to an acceptable level

But after 4 months, the fans of my card started making clicking rattling noise, after a month my sister's started making a clicking rattling noise too, it wasn't the exact same type of noise but it was still a rattling noise, we just kept using the cards as the fans were spinning, but after a week the noise became unbearable, so I watched some youtube tutorials about how how to re-lubricate graphics cards fans and I followed the instructions and re-lubricated both our graphics cards' fans, it still didn't eliminate the problem, So I started looking for a fan replacement for both cards, But sadly graphics cards fan replacement are non-existent in my country (Egypt) so I had to order fan replacement for both our cards from Ali-Express which will take around 2 months to ship and do the clearance

So after another month of running these cards with unbearable noise, one of my card's fans died, so now I was running on 1 fan so I had to throw my GPU overclock out of the window, One of my sister's card's fans also died after almost a week, I don't really know why my card is so connected to my sister's, so I underclocked my sister's card and significantly undervolted it so that she could get acceptable temperatures, another month went by and the fans for both our cards finally shipped, I then bought an Arctic MX-4 from a local store, I pretty much disassembled both our cards and changed their fans to the next replacement ones and it went flawlessly, but after I took a look at our thermal compounds I was surprised, the thermal paste was dried out and it seems it gathered at the edges instead of the middle, so I wiped it off and applied arctic MX 4 for both cards

So I re-applied my overclock, the temperatures were very good, they were 4 degrees better than the first time I tried the cards (that first time was 2 and a half years ago), I even overclocked my sister's card as it's temps also got very good

Then in January 2020 I bought both of us gigabyte RTX 2060 graphics cards and they've been satisfying so far

(Notes: The XFX RX 580 looks different from the 570 but it uses the same fans type and the same thermal compound, They also pretty much got the same cooler performance, Our workload on these cards was gaming, especially AAA games at ultra settings 1080p)

Conclusion: I would give XFX's cards 3/5 stars (considering I give Asus strix cards 4.7/5 stars), They make great cards, but they do some sacrifices on their mid-range/entry-level cards, For the XFX RX 570 and XFX RX 580 they cheaped out on the fans quality and durability and put a thermal compound that heavily degrades over time, I didn't try their high end line-up to say my opinion about it though but I am still sure they did less sacrifices on it, The heatsink on both the XFX RX 570 and 580 is decent though, I was comparing the fans' quality and thermal compound they used to my Asus strix GTX 970 that I used from 2014 to 2017. I would recommend mid-range/entry-level XFX Cards if you're looking to use it for a short time, but if you're looking for durability go for other partners' cards

Thank you all for reading this, I hope you enjoyed reading my story with the XFX Cards...
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