Question My fans RGB stopped working after reinstalling Windows ?

Mar 24, 2023

I had trouble with my install of Widows 11 and had to format the drive and reinstall it.
Everything works fine now except the RGB on the case fans no longer works.
The fans work great still and you can feel the cool air coming out the back of the case, they just don't have colour though

With the original install of Win 11 when I got it home from the PC store the fan colours were working and I could change the colours by pushing a button up top of the case. But now this button does not work and there are no colours on the fans.

I did install all the drivers for the motherboard after the fresh reinstall of Windows 11, and as I say everything is working fine. Runs perfectly as a matter of fact, gaming and so on.

The case is a Lian Li 205 Mesh and of "some interest" or clue for you gurus is that online I see somehow you sync the motherboard to the case RGB in the "8th mode" they say but they don't say how to do this correctly as they write push the "M" button up top the case 7 times and on the 8th time it should sync to the mother board...BUT I did this and it did nothing.....

So I contacted the place I bought the PC from to ask the tech how THEY got the RGB to work when they assembled my rig originally and they said what I need to have installed is MSI Dragon Centre...That must have got deleted on the fresh install now...

I have installed this Dragon Center and with it on the Mystic Light tab I can change the colours of my Video card and RAM no problem but it doesn't seem to find my motherboard/fans so this still didn't fix the no colour on the fans issue.
(Should also say I tried to install MSI CENTER whch is a newer version of Dragon Center and Mystic Light the RGB controller once again did not find the fan RGB but the vid card and ram it did same as Dragon center so that is not the answer...)

It worked before so all the wiring is correct so this is not an issue.
I saw in the BIOS when I set it to boot from DVD for the new Win 11 install that the RGB area was "On" it says.
Sorry I don't know much about the BIOS and frankly it scares me as such as I don't want to brick it solid and wreck it etc.
Maybe it is something to do with there. I am not sure and don't know....

Here is what I have:
Lian Li Mesh 205 CASE
Intel chipset
Geforce 3070 Ti

Thanks ahead of time! I have spent HOURS on this trying to get the colour back on the fans!
All else is working perfectly...just would like the colour back