My final build!!! (Your thoughts!?!?)


What I'd love to see change is for you STOP open a new build thread every day. You have one EVERY day starting from the 20th on. You don't need to ask daily to see if the answer changes ok?

From looking at your previous builds I knew this was going to have an 8700K and 1080TI. Even before I clicked your link. You haven't really changed anything from the previous builds, I don't see why you think things are different now. Build it, be happy.


Question from dunkirkman : "Which RGB fans would you recommend?"

Remember that twin pack also comes with the Lighting Node where the single fans normally do not so thats why its $99 for two.

These must be new but I have the HD ones from Corsair which are great looking although I have been eying the LL. However the MLs do have a better bearing tech behind them so its up to you OP to decide if you want that vs looks as I think the LLs look the best but the MLs are better for noise/performance. However it looks like the LLs do have better static pressure which would be preferable for a radiator (1.52 vs 1.27).


Question from dunkirkman : "Which M.2 SSD should I use for my OS?"

Fresh, virgin install of windows on Sata3 ssd takes @8 seconds from boot to internet access. Same system on NVMe ssd takes @7 seconds to boot to internet. Compared to a hdd boot of @1+ minutes, the actual differences between NVMe and Sata3 become seriously moot. Smaller files will load so fast, you'd be seriously hard pressed with a stopwatch to tell the difference. It's on the larger files that things start getting more obvious, but you'd still have to know exactly how long both took to have a realistic comparison. In real life, the only viable answer is 'stupid fast' compared to a hdd. It takes in-depth benchmarks to show any results, and many of them are rated in nano/milli seconds.

Faster? Not really a question at ssd speeds, whether Sata3 or NVMe. The real question is performance vrs price. You can opt for the more expensive Samsung line which is a few % better, basically the 'bar' that everyone else strives to beat, or Crucial MX500, which is the current performance value king. Side by side, it'd be impossible for a human being to observe any differences, that takes a computer generated speed benchmark. And with today's advancements in reliability, any decent new ssd will last longer than most pc's. 10-15 years usable life on average.

So what's the best ssd? Any decent ssd that fits your budget and size requirements and plugs into wherever you need it to.