My First Budget Build



Recently i put together my first PC. i was on a MASSIVE budget ( im 15 ) so i needed to be money minded.
here it is

Intel pentium Dual core E6300 2.8GHz - $120
J&W IP43 - S - $90
Geforce 9400GT - $45 (computer fair, that was good for my budget) 1GB GDDR2
WideTECH gaming case (Alright, this was unesisary money, but it looked cool......) $90
60GB HDD (I Just kept my old one) Priceless........
DVD/CDR and CDR (old ones)
480W Aywun PSU $45
4GB dual channel RAM Coisar $55

and thats it. its works like a charm, i might upgrade the GPU when i have more money (Any suggestions?)
and yeah thats it!
I notice you picked a VERY obscure PSU brand, check and see how many amps are available on your 12 volt rails, i cant seem to find its specs anywhere online and i doubt that is even a second tier power supply. Before you upgrade your video card you should upgrade your PSU to something along these lines
Get one from Corsair, Antec, PC power & cooling, seasonic, or OCZ. Those are the good power supply manufactures, bad ones can go sour fast. After you upgrade your PSU then you may want a strong graphics card but that depends on your monitor's max resolution.