Nov 23, 2012
Hello All, I got my parts today but sadly I made a mistake and got a am3+ processor instead of FM2(Mistake) i plan on getting the 5400k since im on a 600$ budget...... but hey it whatever i think ima just be impatient and order the 70$ one tommorow instead of waiting to monday for newegg... But hows the build / cable management this is the first time ive even put my hands in a computer.... <--- 14 years old

Cpu:Amd Fx-4300
PSU:500 Continues Raidmax
Mobo:Asrock Fm2a75 Pro-4 M
Gpu:Sapphire Radeon 7770
Ram:G.Skill 8gb ( 2 sticks )
Case:Coolermaster Haf 932
Other:Dual Cold Cathodes
HDD:500 Caviar Blue
Once i get the Cpu ima be scared to turn it on
Also i saw that some fans could connect to the Mobo it said PwrFan... Cpu Fan 2 (Only needed 1 cpu fan) so i used those 2 to make it look better....
The bottom is the only part that doesn't look so good imo

Remember im only 14 and its my FIRST build so go easy :p