My First Build :L WORRIED


Nov 13, 2012
Hi guys, the help is appreciated,

basically I am looking to build my first PC, this PC will be used for work gaming and maybe a bit of video editing.

So far I have obtained a Gaming Keyboard and Mouse and a kingston 240GB SSD,

I am also wondering if I can use my 32" TV instead of a monitor as a monitor will dig in £150 in my lowish budget, or is that not a good idea??

I basically want to spend about £500 more pounds maximum give or take £20-£30 pounds, I want the best kit I can possibly obtain for this budget. I will also need an operating system for it, I was thinking of using windows 7 home premium 64 bit, is that the best for the price and why??

If you are going to ask me about overclocking I don't really understand it but everyone raves about it so it would mean a great deal if someone could explain it to me, and recommend if I do it or not?

Could someone please recomemnd some parts to fit in with my Budget please, this would be a great deal of help and thank you so so so much!!
Yes you can use your TV .
Most have DVI or HDMI inputs that will connect to your graphics card .
You will need to enable a setting in the graphics driver called Vsync or damage to the tv is a possibility

Its best to ask for build advice using the form suggested in the thread at the top of the forum