Oct 20, 2012
I am building my first custom pc and I made a list offers I would like to use I am on a budget of around 750-850 pounds so could anyone tell me if any of these parts will not be compatible or if there are better ones that are cheaper or a tiny bit more expensive

Core-intel i5 3570k
Graphics card-gigabyte 7950 3gb
Mobo- gigabyte ga z77
Hard drive-intel 520 sata 3 SSD 60gb <--- not sure if it will be big enough
Data hard drive-1 TB sata 3
Monitor- benq 20" LCD hd monitor

I'm not sure if the graphics card will be able to render a 20" or if the graphics card can run sli or the AMD equivelent. screen so if anyone could awnser any of the questions I would be grateful

Warning if I have got anything wrong it's probably because I'm a computer noob