My first hopeful build.... and the second


Jul 2, 2009
So I am going to be home from Iraq soon and want to have a pair of nice computers for my wife and I to game on. I game more often then she does. I am usually on WoW or COD4 i guess 5 now that it's out.
I would like to build them just because 1 it's cheaper. And 2 i'd like to think that I'm somewhat capable. and 3 it feels good knowing you built something. So right now I'm looking at running the 2 computers pretty much side by side. I am going with 24inch widescreens. here is a link that I would think is good.
I know nothing about computers by the way.
that system looks pretty good by what I have somewhat read up on. I have about 1.5 or 2 TB of movies and another 1 TB of music from Iraq so I am getting the 1.5 TB for both computers. like I said it's mostly gaming and surfing the web. It would be nice to play WoW with full graphics instead of at 800x600.
Bluray I don't care about like i said I have movies for months straight on my TB. Monitors I have covered.

And last part is I want to keep it around 3000. Maybe one computer slightly better than the other.

thanks for your help


Apr 17, 2009
Well, if you won't going back soon, why not try building computers yourself? Head over the Homebuilt section if you want to ask for advice.

In any case, the computer you linked to looks nice, although its processor is a bit of an overkill (and is probably the reason why the computer costs over $2000). Try to look for a system with the Core i7 920, not the 950.