My friend is trying to start a YouTube gaming channel need opinions on pc's within his price range


Dec 5, 2013
My friend is starting a new YouTube channel in which he wants to record Good content and have fun playing games. We plan to use an elgato HD PVR because we are all console players. The problem is computer doesn't meet the requirements to use an elgato capturing device. He is looking for a laptop (preferably) between 200 and 400 dollars that : Has windows 7 or later. Has a dual core 2.0 ghz cpu ( has to be dual core). A sound card. At least 4 gb of ram. And built in USB 2.0 ports. All help is much appreciated and can't wait to hear some feedback it would be a great jump start for his channel.
I can't find anything that is new and i3 or above with 2+Ghz. The only way out is if he is ok with refurbished laptop, or pentium/celeron processors with 2+ Ghz(which won't be anything close to being stronger than i3 that's less than 2Ghz).