Question My friends can hear my PC's audio output ?

May 15, 2020
So i bought this headset (PowerA Fusion Headphones) which work with PC but before i used beats headsets but they didnt really work great as a gaming headset because of how small the ear cups were so i got these new ones and it has a detachchable microphone and is plugged in to a splitter cable going in to the back of my PC.

But when ive been talking to my friends and listening to youtube, gaming, watching a movie they can all hear what im playing. Ive already tried disabling stereo mix and other stuff. Please help me or should i just get a new mic ?


Try the new headset on another known working computer.
Try another known working headset on your computer.

Do likewise with another known working splitter.

Determine if the problem follows the headset/splitter or stays with your PC

Other things you can do:

1) Right click the small speaker icon usually located in the lower right screen corner. A menu of audio related choices should appear. First explore all of the options (Windows, tabs, and properties) to ensure that all are configured correctly and otherwise as expected. Do not immediately change anything. Look first, make notes, and then go back to make changes. Change only one thing at a time.

2) Take a close look at all of the plugs and ports involved.l l Check for signs of damage and for the ports - look for debris inside.

3) TS, TRS, TRRS: There may be some mismatch in the connectivity or standards being used.,