Question My friend's GPU overheats for no (apparent) reason ?


Jul 11, 2017
My friends gpu watching on discord for no reason reaches 80C+ and we are unsure why when playing most games, he has an intel 7 6700X and a 2070 super in a mid case, is it because of the smaller space that his gpu is going to run more hotter? Or does he need better cooling? When idle it goes down to 40-45C. When he turns on v-sync for it it goes down to 55 for some reason?

Edit: We've come to a conclusion that the 3 case fans that he has are all pulling in air, would that trap most of the hot air to not allow for proper air flow? Sorry we are just figuring this out as we talk about it so we may figure this out lol
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Mar 11, 2022
I used mid cases for years and they have never been a problem at all. I would definitely try flipping a fan, however, preferably the one at the back if present. Will it help? No clue. But it's worth a try, and is the cheapest option you got for trouble shooting right now costing only time. You could also try open the side of the case to see if that improves things. Full specs would also be helpful.