Question My Game Freeze when my GPU hit certain degrees (70-80) GTX 760 OC Edition


May 7, 2014
This has become a problem for a while since 2018. I don't use my PC to play games anymore because of it.
When I play some games like dota2, MHW, and anything else its okay for the first 10-20 minute maybe? Then the game suddenly freeze.
I can still alt tab thou, but the game wont close automatically and the game is still running and i can still move in the game and the sounds still work but the game screen froze and not moving at all.
The thing that I know is that it's not caused by my other PC component, since its also happened when I tried the GPU on my friend PC's.
I realize that its my GPU because I also tried to use MSI AfterBurner to turn the temperature down to around 60 degrees c and the games don't freeze up but the fps drop for 20-30 FPS maybe?
the difference pretty Significant. and I also tried to update my driver and reinstall windows, but it doesn't solve the issue.
Is there any way to solve this problem? In the past I also tried to change the thermal paste but it seems like it doesn't work so I will try to do it again.

My Spec :
Mother Board : MSI B85-G43 Gaming
CPU : Intel I5 4570K
GPU : MSI GTX 760 Hawk OC edition
RAM : 8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3
PSU : Corsair CX500