My games and paint are deleted plz help


Apr 25, 2012
I have deleted all my games solitair, spider solitair etc. accidently, not really sure what I did to do it and my recycle bin is Empty I have gone into the control panel/Add or remove programs/add remove windows components/accessories and utilites/details/games/ok ok ok and I keep getting the same thing that pops up

Files needed screen

some files on windows xp profressional CD-ROM are needed.

Inster windows xp professional CD-ROM into the drive selected below,k and then click ok

Copy files from.

the problem is I do not have the CD and even if I did my laptops CD drive doesn't work What do I do to get my games back??? I also no longer have my Paint either I was able to get my calculator back but that's about it.

Then find a friend wo has one.