Question My games crash and i can't figure out why ?


Sep 9, 2022
Ok so my pc specs:
CPU: Intel core i7-9700k
GPU: GeForce RTX 3060 SUPER
PSU: Corsair RM650 (2019) 650 W
STORAGE: 2 SSD's one 1tb and another 250gb
i've only had all of these parts since 2020 when i built the pc.

What i think the issue is is that my games crash while trying to render open worlds, the games that crash the most are: Cyberpunk 2077, Assassin's creed origins, Fortnite, Devil may cry 5.
These games would either crash every 5 minutes or go hours without crashing and then crash.
My drivers are updated, i've tried reinstalling my graphics driver, i've verified the games files. I just don't know what to do.
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A few simple tips

1 run dx diag to see if it detects anything .
2 type memory diagnosis into run box and let it run , if ram is faulty it will report it but wont tell you which stick is faulty.
3 open reliability monitor and look at red x marked crash reports.
4 launch a game you know will eventually crash , tab out of game to open task manager and look at performance tab and look if any parts show an activity spike , keep the task manager open on top of the game and watch graphs activity at point of crash.
5 after boot up most fans on gpu dont kick in till about 72 degrees , are they working and what tell is it.
6 start up a game you know will crash and put all settings and effects to lowest or off , if the game does not crash turn settings up bit by bit and wait for crash.

FOOTNOTE.......... unless you have bionic eyes it is suprising how much you can turn down some but not all setttings without actually detecting the change.

Example i have a gtx1080 and play satisfactory at 60 fps instead of the highest 144 , the machines are big and in all honesty i cant see a difference but the plus side is the 1080 runs at 70 degrees instead of 84