Question My games keep crashing and I don't know what to do anymore ?


Apr 11, 2017
Hey everyone,

I started having a problem around 2 months ago, where my games would really lag while loading, and when I was in game, Watch dogs legion or assetto corsa for example, I would have stable 144fps, and the game would just suddenly freeze and crash at any moment. In Assetto corsa, this really weird thing was happening, where I would load and play, and after maybe 15-30 seconds of playing, I would get these pink and green and yellow, just all kinds of colors flashing on the screen, building up more and more, until the game crashed. Made me suspect GPU, but reinstalling drivers, taking the gpu out and putting it back in. GPU stress tests like 3Dmark held up fine, gonna retest today, gonna let you know tomorrow.

I suspect the problem is the hard drive, because 2 months back, I turned on my pc and it didn´t want to boot, so I got on a call with tech support, and in 2 hours, we partition my ssd, did some <Mod Edit> which we both didn´t even know what the <Mod Edit> was going on, and it somehow worked. A month after that, I had an another booting problem, but taking out the CMOS battery for 15 min solved it no problem. Since then both my ssd and hdd don´t like games. The only game that was stable was ETS2, which made me happy but also furious.

I´ve tried reinstalling drivers, underclocking to base clocks, defragmenting, rebuilding the whole <Mod Edit> computer again, cleaning my drives, uninstalling useless junk, reinstalling games. I am gonna install the games on the ssd and play them from there tomorrow. If they remain stable, I guess the HDD is <Mod Edit>( IF you dont think it is the HDD please tell me what is). If not, would a factory reset or windows reinstall fix this? Would I need a new HDD? Or do you guys have any solutions?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

My setup :

3 years old

i5 7600k Oc´d to 4.6Ghz stable when gaming, normally I have it on eco in easy tune

kraken nzxt watercooler, god knows what model, prolly x51, its a single 120mm

gtx 1080

adata ssd 240gb sp550

wd blue 1tb hdd

650W evga GQ

4x4g ddr4 2666mhz hyperx

ga 270z ultra gaming motherboard

case is irrelevant, but I have a 3 intake front 120mm arctic fans, 2 140mm intake on top, 1 120 exhaust on the back, I get positive airflow but I still keep the side panel open, only close it during cold times, cause otherwise the 1080 runs hella hot.
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Jan 23, 2021
Reset MB bios to default.

1080 runs hot. Clean it up and repaste it.

To much intake. 3x intake in front. All other fans do the outtake. Intake on top doesn't work. You push hot air down to the gpu.