My gigabyte motherboard GA-EP35-DS3R Sound Issue


Apr 5, 2010
Hello to everyone,

My computer is Intel Quad Q9300
Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3R board with built in audio
8GB DDR2 Kingston 800 Mhz
9400GT Nvidia
700W PSU
Creative 5.1 Speakers

Just half an hour ago my speakers generate a weird noise sounding like a mouse over few minutes over and over again. I use Windows 7 Ultimate x64 installed 2 days ago.

No virus or adware detected.

Was using MSN Messenger and lsning to songs and now computer is useless due to this voice over and over again not going even after restarting the Windows.

Is there a reason as I cant find any place online where someone has a similar issue.

I hope I am in the right section.

Thanks all for responding.
Make sure all the speakers cables are connected properly to the audio ports at back of the motherboard, otherwise I'd try downloading Windows 7 audio drivers from Gigabyte's website.