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Question My GPU clock speed drops from 1900 to 1155 MHz while ingame

May 31, 2020
Hello everyone, my specs are z390 pro AC carbon, 32GB of 4000 MHz RAM, i7-9700K, Gigabyte 2070 RTX SUper windforce 3x and a 650W PSU.

I used MSI Afterburner autmatic OC to OC my GPU and it works fine in all the games except in the Zoo Planet one.
When I start the game I have about and hour/hour and a half of gameplay at steady 1920MHz and then it randomly drops to 1155MHz.
The latter game has speeds to simulate ingame pause, 1x, 2x and 3x and when it drops to 1155Mhz while playing (simulating at a certain speed) I can pause the game or press esc to open up the menu and my OC speed goes back to 1920, but as soon as I continue the simulation it drops to 1155 (which I guess is some kind of idle speed).
I noticed that it does <Mod Edit> from time to time (after the initial drop) to 1400, 1200 or 1500, but it just renders how much is needed and nothing get jitterish, so I don't care.
I am unsure what is making my GPU OC act in such a manor and I am guessing that it has something to do with how the MSI Afterburner setup my GPU OC.
Could anyone point me in the right direction I would be forever thankful!

Have a good one!
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